The Sentience Conference, which started in 2016 and will now take place annually, brings together academics, activists and participants who want to help others as much as possible together to discuss pioneering ideas on effective altruism for all sentient beings. The conference features talks and panels on topics ranging from explorations of new activism strategies to empirical questions of how severely different animals suffer.

Sentience Conference 2016


The first Sentience Conference took place on the 21st and 22nd of May 2016, at the Technical University of Berlin. More than 300 international participants and 30 internationally renowned speakers came together to discuss effective strategies, previous successes, and the priorities of the animal advocacy movement.

Although strategies varied widely between attendees, there was a deep camaraderie in being with fellow animal advocates who thought critically about their work, innovated to find new cost-effective programs, and remained eager to change their approach if they found a new, more promising opportunity. A remarkably small number of animal protection advocates and organizations, and charities in general, take this modest and strategic perspective, but Sentience Politics successfully banded together many of them, reflecting a quickly growing and powerful force in the animal protection movement.

– Jacy Reese, Animal Charity Evaluators (Huffington Post)

At this early stage, it is crucial for the animal advocacy movement to explore different strategies and evaluate their comparative effectiveness, together. We established the Sentience Conference to facilitate such cooperative exploration, with the aim of strengthening the movement to improve it’s chances of success.


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