How can we use our limited resources to reduce as much suffering as possible, regardless of the suffering individuals’ species memberships? Answering this complex question, which is at the heart of Sentience Politics’ mission, requires a transdisciplinary research effort. Our vision for meeting this challenge is a flourishing and diverse network of researchers who, through individual and collaborative work, contribute towards identifying the most effective strategies to reduce suffering.

What is the Research Network?

The Sentience Politics Research Network supports research that seeks to understand how to best reduce suffering. This requires a collaborative, intersectional network of researchers from multiple disciplines united by their scientific curiosity and compassion. The Research Network includes:

  • Research agenda: a comprehensive, regularly reviewed list of the most significant open research questions in this field and which questions are currently being addressed, with guidance such as bibliographies, ideas on how to begin research, and information on the support Sentience Politics researchers can offer.
  • Scholarships: for researchers conducting promising research on questions focused on the reduction of suffering in all sentient beings.
  • Research fellowships: for students, researchers, or skilled advocates interested in working on a research question, but who require support from research supervisors.

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How you can get involved

  • Subscribe to the Sentience Politics Research Network to receive updates including new research ideas and new funding opportunities, and to be put in touch with other researchers.
  • Pick a research question and apply for funding support (through a Sentience scholarship or as a Research Fellow) to lead your own research project. Sentience can provide supervision from experienced researchers and guidance on how and where to publish your research report once complete.
  • Volunteer to support preliminary research by:
    • building bibliographies,
    • preparing surveys,
    • adding relevant content to Wikipedia,
    • providing additional research questions, and/or
    • publicising the network amongst your peers.
  • Raise awareness and encourage your research institution or university to dedicate resources to a relevant topic by:
    • lobbying your research school,
    • giving seminars/lectures, and/or
    • providing opportunities and supervision for undergraduates and masters students to perform this research for academic credit, either as internships or theses.
  • Provide funding or sponsorship for one or more research question or focus area.
  • Become a research supervisor! Support budding researchers by providing one-on-one supervision for their research project, or contribute articles, academic theory and general advice on how to conduct good research and write strong papers.

Subscribe to the network now!

If you want to suggest ideas, or have any questions about the Sentience Politics Research Network, please contact us at


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