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In recent decades, society has become accustomed to a way of eating that promotes global warming, aggravates world hunger and water shortages, fails to ensure food security, harms our health, and violates Switzerland’s constitutional principle of dignity for animals. As most of the problem stems from a high consumption of animal-derived foods, the solution will involve a shift towards plant-based eating. Our ballot initiative in Lucerne will promote such a shift by demanding plant-based options be served in all public canteens.

Proposed Legislation

The regulations for sustainable city policies on energy, air quality and the environment (energy regulations) are altered as follows:

Article 5b Promotion of sustainable diet (new)

1 For the promotion of a resource friendly diet, the city of Luzern informs the population about the effects of the consumption of animal products on the environment, resource and land use, health and animal welfare; according to current scientific knowledge. It prepares recommendations for a reduction in the consumption of animal products and an increase in the proportion of resource friendly vegetable diets.
2 According to its capacity, the city of Luzern promotes the spread of resource friendly nutritional options. It considers all significant sustainability criteria, especially vegetable diet, regionality and seasonality. In the catering facilities of public establishments as well as other institutions it promotes vegetarian and vegan meals and sees to it that at least one vegan option is offered daily in catering facilities which have more than one set meal. The city of Luzern aims to cooperate with the canton as far as is necessary.

Article 6 Section 1 Measures
1 The city of Luzern meets the reduction paths defined in Article 5, the targets determined in Article 5a, and the provisions in Article 5b which lie within its area of influence.

Article 7 Section 2 Controlling
2 Should it appear that the reduction paths cannot be maintained and the targets for solar energy and solar heating contained in Article 5a are not reached or achievements contained in Article 5b are not forthcoming, then the implementation of measures in coordination with the relevant efforts of the government and the canton of Luzern are to intensify.

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Because the initiative was launched in Switzerland all media related content is either in German or French.
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