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Other primates have a fundamental interest in their lives and in bodily and mental integrity, just like us humans. However, these interests are not protected by Swiss animal protection laws: we conduct research on primates in horrible conditions and overlook even their most fundamental needs – often for studies with highly questionable uses. In spite of the supervision of ethics committees, consideration of nonhuman primates’ interests often becomes a mere formality. Because of this disregard, we have launched a ballot initiative to enshrine the fundamental rights to life and to bodily and mental integrity for nonhuman primates in the cantonal constitution of Basel-Stadt.

Proposed Legislation

The constitution of the canton Basel-Stadt is altered as follows:

§ 11 Guarantees of fundamental rights
2 This constitution guarantees the following:
c. (new) the right of non-human primates to life and to bodily and mental integrity.

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Sentience Politics selects and prioritizes campaigns based on their potential impact, i.e. the number of individuals affected. One of our ongoing campaigns concerns fundamental rights for primates, which may seem ineffective at first glance. After all, the number of non-human primates is almost negligible compared to the number of animals suffering on factory farms – so […]

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As we have launched this initiative in Switzerland, all media coverage is in German or French.
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