Update: Sentience Politics has split into two organizations: Sentience Institute (research on effective animal advocacy) and Sentience Politics (political ballot initiatives in Switzerland). If you are interested in working with them, please refer to their websites.

We take an evidence-based approach to identifying and implementing highly effective strategies for reducing suffering. We are driven to eliminate the most suffering we can from the world, irrespective of who is experiencing it, and we advocate for a society in which the interests of all sentient beings are considered. While we are not actively seeking new employees at this time, we are always excited to receive unsolicited applications from exceptional candidates. Please also apply here if you are interested in volunteer or internship opportunities with our team.

Why work with us?

Working with us is an opportunity to:

  • Use your skills to make a large positive impact on the world;
  • Have significant responsibility with a young and growing organization;
  • Do project-based work involving diverse and challenging tasks;
  • Be part of a team of curious, caring, and driven people.


  • We encourage applications from around the world. Our headquarters is currently in Berlin, but we’re planning to build local presences in the US, Latin America, Spain, India, Hong Kong, and China over the coming months and years.
  • Both full-time and part-time work are possible.
  • Compensation is negotiable and depends on your needs, skills and experience.
  • In order to apply, please fill out this application form. Note that the form is managed by our parent organization, the Effective Altruism Foundation. Let us know if you need an urgent reply.

General requirements

  • Goal-oriented, self-motivated, reliable, and diligent.
  • Able to work both independently and with a team.
  • Committed to improving your skills and to growing as a person.
  • Able to tackle complex problems.
  • Excellent written and spoken English or German.
  • Strong interest in doing as much good as possible.
  • Understanding of, and identification with, our philosophy.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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