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Legal status

Sentience Politics is a project of the Effective Altruism Foundation, and does not have its own legal status, though we use independent branding to establish our own identity.  The Effective Altruism Foundation established Sentience Politics in January 2014.


As a project of the Effective Altruism Foundation, we share the same goal: to improve the lives of as many sentient beings as possible, as much as possible. Sentience Politics focuses particularly on reducing nonhuman animal suffering, and encouraging the responsible development of future technologies.

Extract from the foundation charter:

Article 2: Purpose
The Foundation’s purpose is to improve the lives of as many sentient beings as comprehensively as possible. It uses scientific methods to achieve this. As a think tank it contributes to fundamental understandings of effective and ethical behavior and action.
In particular, it is committed to an evidence-based approach to poverty reduction, the reduction of animal suffering, the improvement of international cooperation and stability, and the development of responsible uses of future technologies.
It promotes the philosophy and social movement ‘Effective Altruism’.
The foundation is active domestically and internationally.
The foundation pursues no commercial interest and is exclusively not-for-profit.
The founder expressly reserves the right to alter the purpose of the foundation, according to Art. 86a ZGB.

(Source: Foundation Charter)

Past Activities


Sentience Politics was established, and we published our first policy paper on sustainable food. On this basis we launched our first ballot initiative in the canton Basel-Stadt and a postulate in the Bern city council. A documentary on Swiss national TV (German) picked up on our work with a 20 minute report.


After a change in project leadership, we started a second initiative in Zurich. We also launched a transparency petition at the national level and published a two minute animation (German) about our work in collaboration with Cleverclip. With the successful submission of both ballot initiatives in Basel and Zurich, we reached our first big milestone and established ourselves as a political stakeholder in Switzerland.

Goals for 2016

Goals marked with an asterisk (*) have been achieved.

Political Campaigns:

Switzerland*: We are planning three ballot initiatives related to fundamental rights for primates, effective poverty reduction and sustainable food.
Germany: Following the opening of our German office, we intend to launch a ballot initiative on sustainable food as well as a campaign on cultured meat to raise awareness about the topic.


Sentience Conference*: We will organize the first conference on effective animal activism, in Berlin.
Career advice: Alongside online materials on career choice for people who share our goals, we will organize at least one workshop, to help activists find suitable careers.


Philosophy*: In the course of the year, we will publish six texts on our website which systematically set out our philosophical position.
Policy papers*: Within a year we plan to write at least three new policy papers, on Fundamental Rights for Primates, Cultured Meat, and Invertebrate Suffering.
Research agenda*: By the end of the year will establish a comprehensive Research Agenda to serve as a guideline for our future research. At that point, we start building a network of external researchers.



Jahresrechnung 2016

Last update: July 2017


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