Stefan Torges Portrait

Stefan Torges

Executive Director

Stefan is responsible for coordinating the various activities of Sentience Politics. He also organizes the Sentience Conference and oversees Sentience Politics’s political initiatives in Germany. Previously, Stefan studied Philosophy-Neuroscience-Cognition at University of Magdeburg.

Kelly Witwicki Portrait

Kelly Witwicki

Director of Communications

Kelly manages Sentience Politics’s communications, design and website. Previously, she "earned to give" as a UX Engineer at Google, volunteered with multiple animal advocacy organizations, and spent several months at a sanctuary for farmed animals to learn about their experiences. She studied Visual Culture and Communications at University of Toronto.

Jonas Vollmer Portrait

Jonas Vollmer

Director of Campaigns

Jonas oversees our political campaigns, working closely with our national project managers and legal staff. He is also the Director of Communications at the Effective Altruism Foundation. Jonas studied economics and medicine at University of Basel and previously worked in the management of an international nonprofit dedicated to poverty relief.

Meret Schneider Portrait

Meret Schneider

Project Manager (Switzerland)

Meret is responsible for our Swiss activities. She supervises the progress of Sentience Politics’s political initiatives at the municipal, cantonal, and national levels. Meret holds a degree in linguistics, journalism, and environmental science from University of Zurich and is a distinguished young Swiss politician.

Natalie Cargill Portrait

Natalie Cargill

Project Manager (UK)

Natalie is a barrister in London, and oversees our activities in the United Kingdom. Under her supervision, Sentience Politics aims to reduce the suffering of animals on factory farms in the UK through legal and political advocacy. She holds a degree from University of Oxford.

Camila Rauchwerger Portrait

Camila Rauchwerger

Project Manager (Austria)

Camila coordinates our activities in Austria, overseeing our political initiatives and organizing events. Previously, Camila worked in animal rights and vegan advocacy. She studied biology in Vienna.

Lara André Portrait

Lara André

Project Manager (Latin America)

Lara oversees our outreach activities in Latin America, Portugal, and Spain. She is responsible for the communication and growth of Sentience Politics into the Spanish and Portuguese speaking world. Lara studied journalism at the University of São Paulo, Brazil. Lara is also an activist for the international organization Animal Ethics.

Jacy Reese Portrait

Jacy Reese

Senior Fellow

Jacy conducts research for Sentience Politics. He is currently writing a book on The End of Animal Farming, which will lay out an evidence-based roadmap for humanity's transition to an animal-free food system. Jacy previously served as board chair, then as a full-time researcher, at Animal Charity Evaluators.

Persis Eskander Portrait

Persis Eskander

Director of Research

Persis manages the Sentience Politics Research Network and the development of our policy papers, and conducts research on wild animal suffering. Previously she worked in social justice policy, advocacy, and analysis. Persis holds degrees in law and philosophy from University of New South Wales and is currently pursuing a Masters of Economics at Australian National University.

Ozy Brennan Portrait

Ozy Brennan

Research Associate (Wild Animal Suffering)

Ozy researches wild animal suffering for Sentience Politics. They graduated from New College of Florida with a degree in sociology.

Raffael Fasel Portrait

Raffael Fasel

Legal Consultant

Raffael provides legal support for our projects and contributes a legal perspective to our position papers. In particular, Raffael’s input was instrumental in the production of our position paper on fundamental rights for primates. He is currently pursuing a PhD on legal philosophy and animal rights at University of Cambridge.

Anne Wissemann Portrait

Anne Wissemann


Anne is responsible for administrative tasks at Sentience Politics. She studied Biology, Art, and Chemistry in Essen.

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