Sentience Politics is an antispeciesist political think tank. We advocate for a society in which the interests of all sentient beings are considered, regardless of their species membership, and we rigorously analyze the evidence to assess and pursue the most effective ways to help all sentient beings. Among other activities, we organize political initiatives, publish scientific policy papers, and host conferences to bring forward-thinking minds together to address the major sources of suffering in the world.

We are guided by the question of how we can best use our limited resources to end as much suffering as possible, and we take an evidence-based approach to identifying and pursuing the highest impact opportunities to reduce suffering. Below are some of our current priorities and what we’re doing about them.

  • Due to the magnitude of suffering in the animal farming industry — over 100 billion animals are farmed and killed every year for global food production, the overwhelming majority of them in factory farms — factory farming is one of our top priorities. In the interest of a shift away from animal farming, we have launched initiatives promoting plant-based diets, and address this issue in our policy paper on sustainable food.
  • Because dietary change on a large scale would be very difficult to achieve, we also support the development of cultured meat. In contrast to conventional meat production, cultured meat will involve no (or virtually no) farmed animal suffering. We discuss the benefits of cultured meat in a policy paper, and encourage support for efforts to develop cultured meat technology.
  • In the long-term interests of all sentient beings, it is essential for society to address speciesism. Whether certain primates should be granted fundamental rights is becoming a mainstream topic, and we believe this is a solid foot in the door for the recognition of speciesism more broadly. We have written a policy paper on the subject, and are currently spearheading an initiative for fundamental rights for primates in Switzerland.
  • We are also concerned with more neglected areas that represent potentially enormous amounts of suffering, such as wild animals and the possibility of digital sentience.

In addition to our political projects, we also work on capacity building strategies that we expect to prove instrumental in strengthening the entire animal advocacy movement. These efforts include the dissemination of ideas about how to most effectively advocate for animals, and encouragement of effective giving. The animal advocacy movement is severely funding constrained at this time, so concentrating on how to use our limited resources most effectively is crucial.

Watch our co-founder’s presentation on our approach at the Sentience Conference in April 2016:

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Effective Altruism Foundation

Sentience Politics was founded as a project of the Effective Altruism Foundation (EAF) in 2013. EAF is an independent think tank and project overseer, founded at the intersection of science and ethics by an interdisciplinary team committed to doing the most good they can. EAF is a major player in the rapidly growing effective altruism movement, and promotes the use of evidence-based thinking to improve the lives of as many sentient beings as possible, as extensively as possible.



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