Going Veggie Would Save Trillions of Lives, Not Millions

A recent study conducted at the University of Oxford concluded that adopting a vegetarian diet would save 5-8 million lives by 2050, amounting to a 6-10% drop in global mortality. The study joins a growing body of quality research suggesting that a global reduction in meat consumption can help prevent major problems in the near […]

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Announcing the Sentience Conference

How can we use our limited resources in order to help as many sentient beings as possible? The Sentience Conference systematically addresses this important issue. The event will bring together international experts from the fields of science, activism, and politics in order to create new, innovative approaches to advocate for sentient beings, using the philosophy […]

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Sentience Research Essay Prize 2016

Sentience Politics is currently accepting submissions for the first Sentience Essay Prize on “effective strategies to reduce the suffering of all sentient beings.” The winner will be awarded $2,000. Effective altruism asks us to consider the best ways to reduce as much suffering as possible when our resources – time and money – are limited. […]

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