Politics for all sentient beings

We believe that any individual capable of suffering deserves moral consideration – no matter who they are, where they live, or what species they happen to be.


We advocate for a society in which the interests of all sentient beings are considered, regardless of their species membership.



We spearhead political campaigns, currently focusing on animal rights and animal-free food.

Political initiatives


We rigorously analyze the evidence to find the most impactful ways to help all sentient beings.

Policy papers

Ongoing Activities

Update: We are looking for volunteers in Berlin. Get involved in our first German campaign!

Our Support for the Massachusetts “Minimum Size Requirements for Farm Animal Containment” Initiative

While the evidence we have now for the long-term effects of welfare reforms is weak, as we discuss in this post, it makes us optimistic, so we are happy to join other nonprofit organizations, elected leaders, businesses, and numerous other parties in endorsing the measure.


Ballot InitiativeCollecting

Basel: Fundamental Rights

We recently launched a ballot initiative to enshrine the fundamental rights to life and to bodily and mental integrity for nonhuman primates in the cantonal constitution of Basel-Stadt.


Ballot InitiativeCollecting

Berlin: Sustainable Food

Our first ballot initiative in Germany aims to introduce plant-based options in all public canteens.


Ballot InitiativeSubmitted

Lucerne: Sustainable Food

In 48 hours we collected 1000 signatures demanding plant-based options in all public canteens in Lucerne.


Ballot InitiativeSubmitted

Zurich: Sustainable Food

Following our successful ballot submission in Basel, we successfully submitted a similar initiative in Zurich, calling for the inclusion of plant-based menu options in public canteens and the establishment of a foundation to educate the public about the consequences of our current system of animal farming.


Ballot InitiativeSubmitted

Basel: Sustainable Food

We successfully submitted a ballot initiative calling for the inclusion of plant-based menu options in public canteens and appropriate education for chefs.


Open LetterPreparations

Germany: Cultured Meat

In cooperation with a team of scientists, we published an open letter to the German federal government requesting increased funding for the research and development of cultured meat.


Most Recent Papers

Cultured Meat

Industrial livestock production is a growing global problem for animal welfare, environmental sustainability, and human health. One solution could be cultured meat (also called "in vitro" or "clean" meat), for which animal tissue is grown in a controlled environment using cell culture technology. This could make the raising and killing of animals for meat obsolete. Cultured meat shows great potential as a humane, sustainable and healthy form of meat production.

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Fundamental Rights

Nonhuman primates are highly complex beings, possessing intrinsic, essential interests in life and bodily and mental integrity. As current legal provisions around the world fail to accommodate these interests, we conclude that nonhuman primates should be granted fundamental rights, to guarantee that these essential interests are respected. In this paper, we propose a scientific and moral basis for such rights, and provide several arguments for why such rights are needed. We conclude by suggesting a number of ways to implement fundamental rights to life and physical as well as mental integrity for nonhuman primates.

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Expanding our moral circle to reduce suffering in the far future

Discussions about the far future often center on two possibilities: humanity going extinct or having our potential permanently curtailed, or humanity building a flourishing, space-faring mega-civilization. These discussions usually present humanity’s extinction or permanent decline as the worst possible outcome, and some argue that minimizing these existential risks (“x-risks”) is the most important thing we […]

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Trump Wins, and the World Loses

As a think tank committed to politics for all sentient beings, we at Sentience Politics are disheartened by the outcome of America’s election last night. The next US President will be an exceptionally prejudicial, anti-intellectual, and self-interested man, and he will have the support of a Republican majority in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. We […]

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